www.routerlogin.net – Although internet has been deemed good and bad across many factions of society, its importance hasn’t decreased in any way in our world today. Everywhere in the world, no matter homes or businesses, the need of good quality internet isn’t undermined in any way and everyone has shared their needs of owning a faster internet. Thus, the demand of devices, like routers and modems which share faster internet with their owners has increased over the years. Netgear is one of such organization.

It has been known to create some of the most powerful devices and even better wireless routers. A number of added features in a cost-effective range make Netgear routers indispensible.  This includes: guest wireless network, dual band WiFi, WPA Enterprise, IPv6 support, Detachable antennas, USB port and many more.

For home network and connections, Netgear has an exclusive range of such devices and they ensure an internet experience without buffering or lagging even a bit. The users can sufficiently receive high wireless speed in all the areas of their home.

In a similar way, Netgear devices are perfect for any business. They can support a business right from their inception from a small scale business and add functionality to these businesses when they become large and successful. From the Wireless network by Netgear, a user will be enabled to connect multiple devices to it which need flawless internet connectivity. Netgear can also provide storage and security solutions to businesses from around the world.

Netgear Router Login

Once we buy a wireless device, we want to quickly connect to it and surf the internet as quickly as possible. We stop at nothing and without even reading the manual just continue with accessing the internet after someone has setup the device for us. However, when the first issue strikes, we realize how important it is to know how to access the Netgear router setup and Netgear wireless router login pages.

Netgear router users are extremely lucky when it comes to a simplified router login process. The Netgear users can effectively access the login page using both the URL and an IP address both of which are https://www.routerlogin.net   and Netgear router login IP respectively.

The routerlogin.com and www.routerlogin.net web page we spoke about are the official pages of the Netgear Corporation used for the login purposes. With the access to these pages, a user can effectively login to their Netgear devices, make changes and access the many features provided by Netgear. A user can also complete the Netgear router setup process. Thus, we have provided the steps that are required to access the Netgear wireless router login page below.

netgear wireless router

Since Netgear takes sincere care to ensure that the user feels no problems while logging in to the router, additional support is available for those who face any issue. You can simply call us on the provided toll free number to get support for these problems. You can also chat live with us in the window provided below.

Login process:

To minimize the effort of its customers, the Netgear Corporation has ensured that this Login process is as easy so that it can be understood and followed by everyone with ease. All that you need would be a web or an IP address. You would also require Netgear router login password and admin credentials. If you haven’t changed the default password and admin details, both of these are given in the steps below. If you have you would need these new login details. If for some reason you have lost access to these credentials, you would need to reset the device, the details for which will be provided later. If you need a team of experts to look at this, you can call us and we can let you in on the details that are required for the login or reset of the device. Call us on our toll-free number or chat live with us.

The admin login page of the Netgear router can be accessed by connecting your PC or Laptop with the router either via a wireless or a wired network connection. A wired network connection is generally preferred as it is far more reliable as compared to a wireless one.

A reliable connection is important in such a situation as during an update if you face a situation of a failing connection, it can cause the files to corrupt and the resolution of which is that you have to reset the entire device back to its default factory settings.

You would also need the following things in order to access the Netgear router login page. As you can see from below, there would be a few physical connections that are required to be made. Follow the steps below and you will face no issue at all. If you are still confused somewhere about how to do it, call us and we can let you in on the entire process thoroughly. We can also effectively handle Netgear genie login issues related queries.

netgear router connection

  • An Ethernet Cable which has to be plugged into LAN port of the router.
  • A PC or Laptop is also needed as it allows for you to log into netgear router login page that is http://routerlogin.net. Plug in the other end of the Ethernet cable above in the LAN port of the PC or laptop.

How to log into my router?

Netgear Router allows you to login the router via different ways. However, by default, the Netgear router’s IP address must be assigned as either or Or you enter these IP addresses in the address bar and press enter so that you can automatically get prompted to the web address routerlogin net to log into the router. But, you can also login your router by directly entering routerlogin.net into your web browser’s address bar. If you receive an error while accessing the routerlogin.net web address, then you must try clearing your internet browser cache. You can also use a different browser to resolve access error on routerlogin.net screen.


  1. Make the connections mentioned above i.e. the laptop or PC to the router and open a Web Browser. 
  2. Go to the web page: http://www.routerlogin.com or the Netgear router login ip If for some reason the http://www.routerlogin.com webpage does not open, try the following alternative links:
    • http://www.routerlogin.net 
  3. When you are asked to enter the admin username and password, use the following default login credentials for Netgear device:
    Note: Both the username and password are case sensitive

    1. Username: admin
    2. Password: password

Note: If you can’t access the Netgear router login page, there’s a chance that you might have changed the admin password. If you don’t have the access to or if you can’t remember your new password, you must reset your device to restore the router to its factory default settings.

Why do I need to keep the firmware of my Netgear device updated?

The number of advantages that you receive post updating the firmware of your device is numerous in addition of being extremely important. With the regular update of your Netgear device, you receive device stability, better functionality, high performance and even resolution of many Netgear genie login issues, every time you access the internet.

How do I change my router admin password?

If you wish to change the admin password of your device, the following are the steps that are required with respect to the interface of your router.

For the Smart Wizard router interface in the older devices:

  1. Log into your Netgear router.
  2. Choose the set password option found under the Maintenance menu.
  3. Confirm the old password and enter the new one.
  4. Save all the changes by clicking on Apply.

For the new (NETGEAR genie) router interface:

  1. Log into your Netgear router.
  2. Go to ADVANCED setting. Head over to the ADMINISTRATION tab and choose the Set Password option.
  3. Confirm the old password and enter the new one.
  4. Save all the changes by clicking on Apply.
  5. All your Netgear genie login issues can be resolved if you call us on our toll free number and speak to our experts.

How do I change the SSID (Network Name) and WiFi password of the Netgear router?

You can change the SSID and network key of your router post the Netgear router setup process. To change your WiFi password or network name (SSID):

SSID & Password

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to the Netgear router login page by typing the web address in the address bar or going on the Netgear router login IP
  2. Enter the username and the password of the router when prompted to do so.
    The default user name as mentioned before is admin and the default password is password.
  3. Choose OK.
    The BASIC Home page will be displayed; also known as the Netgear router login page.
  4. Select the Wireless option.
  5. Type in your new user name in the Name (SSID) field.
  6. Now enter your new password in the Password (Network Key) fields.

Press the Apply button and all of your changes will be saved.

How do I update my NETGEAR router firmware?

There can be multiple issues that you may experience on your WiFi router, such as, intermittent connection, slow speed or over all poor performance of the internet. Some of the most common failure of netgear router are mentioned here and let us see how to troubleshoot a Netgear router effectively.

Slow internet connection

The basic step is to check the connections are done right. Make sure that each chord is firmly connected to the modem and the router.

The LED (which looks like a globe with a ring or an “i” with a ring) on the netgear router has to be lit up to make sure that the router has internet connection from the Internet Service Provider or the ISP.

If this LED does not come up, then you may reboot your modem, or you must contact your Internet service provider to check the status of the internet supply.

Loss of connection in some rooms

You might experience loss of internet connection at certain areas of your home, this may be due to lack of signal at these areas. This can be rectified by using a “Range Extender” or “Powerline WiFi Extender”. These devices can be plugged in to a power source in any room with less WiFi connection and this helps you get rid off the intermittent connection at certain areas.

Also, you could consider moving the device closer to the router and connecting is by entering the WiFi network name and password. Or if you have forgotten the password, then you can connect directly to the router using an ethernet cable.

In order to obtain the best functionality of a the WiFi router, it is always ideal to update the router’s firmware. This will also help the user in solving most of the network issues.

As mentioned before, NETGEAR regularly releases new firmware with new versions to improve the overall performance of the product and to keep high standards of security maintained. If there is a new version of the firmware available for download as opposed to the one available during the Netgear router setup process, you will be able to see the notification at the top of the dashboard once you log into http://routerlogin.net. Once you click that message you will be able to see if new firmware is available to be downloaded and updated on your router.

To check for new firmware and update your router:

Router Firmware update

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to the Netgear wireless router login page by typing the web address in the address bar.
  2. Enter the username and the password of the router when prompted to do so.
    The default user name as mentioned before is admin and the default password is password. You can contact us on our toll free number if you can’t confirm the default username and password.
  3. Choose OK.
    The BASIC Home page will be displayed; also known as the Netgear wireless router login page.
  4. Go to ADVANCED and head over to the Administration option.
  5. Choose Firmware Update or Router Update, whichever is available.
    The label varies from router to router.
  6. Check the same by choosing Check option.
    Note: The router will look for new firmware; if there is one available it will display a message and ask you if you want to download and install it now or not.
  7. Press Yes.
  8. The router will download the firmware and will begin the update process.

How do I reset NETGEAR router to its default factory settings?

It is important to note beforehand that once you perform a factory reset all of your personalized configurations will be lost. Some of these configurations will include your user name and password, your network name (SSID), and your security settings.

To perform a factory reset:

  1. Locate the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button which is available at the back of the router.
  2. Use a paper clip or an object similar to that. Press and hold down the Restore Factory Settings button for at least seven seconds.

Release the Restore Factory Settings button. Your router will begin to reboot.
After your router finishes the factory reset, the Power light will stop blinking. The lights will turn solid green after this.

Some Signs of a failing router

Disconnected Unexpectedly: If you are disconnected over the time or frequently it depends on the storage of your device, your browser may not be supporting or problem from ISP’s end.

Bad Port Connectivity: Rarely it happens, when you are connected to the Netgear Router directly has a bad port. it causes the loss of wireless connection. The solution to this problem is changing the port on your device.

Google Maps: Often loading the Google maps on the Window slower down the  Internet connection up to two minutes. This is because the Google Maps modulates to many servers.

Bad Network Cable: Bad Network Cable occurs if the Ethernet cable connected to Modem has been plugged in the LAN Port instead of WAN port. Second, if the LAN connection is not stable. So, go to check this connection. Remember, LAN and WAN ports are distinct.

It is very important to choose a router which can be customized according to your needs. Ensure that the device provides to a number of settings to tailor your requirements. Selecting a router for a home could be much easier compared to a business purpose or an internet service provider. Also, the troubleshooting steps would be much easier in case of home WIFI’s.

Also, it is a good to know fact that the routers do not show any warning sign before it stops working. Finally, if the issues go out of control and if you are unable to fix them even after performing the above-mentioned steps repeatedly then you always have the final option to contact the Netgear customer support.

For any issues with your Netgear Router Login, contact our support team and we will help you set up and troubleshoot netgear router issues hassle free. Here is the list of most common issue come with router :-